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Daily Random Google- Answers to the Phrase "Cats are":

- Cats are better than dogs
- Cats are jerks
- Cats are like potato chips
- Cats are aliens
- Cats are smarter than dogs
- Cats are awesome
- Cats are ductile and malleable
- Cats are people too
- Cats are annoying

We hope you enjoyed this presentation, brought to you by the "Mandie wants to cheer up pukingduck, mewsicfreak, and My Homegirl Julia!!!" Organization!

Writer's Block: First love

At what age do you think kids should start dating? How old were you when you went on your first date? Was there anything you would change about the experience? How do you think it shaped your expectations?

My answer to this question...

Well, if they are young, group and supervised (family) dates are okay. When talking about "real" dates- when the teenager has learned respect for themselves AND other people. If a female, I would have her take self defense classes before she was allowed to be alone with a boy. If a boy, I would enlighten him as to the psychology of women so he could know when he was being abused/manipulated.

My first true 'dates' where I was treated well led to physical experiences I was way too young for, at 16. From the ages of 14-16, I went on MANY disaster dates (hell, I still do!), so I thought that anyone that treated me WELL was "the one". Looking back, there are hundreds of things I would do differently- but that's a little personal, and I've spent too much time dwelling on the past.

I will say this. I wish my mom and I had a closer relationship, and that I had more self respect when I was young. I want my kids to have confidence. I might be the crazy mom that gives her kids too much freedom...but I will raise them with a sense of integrity and respect.

The strange thing is- both the crappy people and the sneaky gentlemen have shaped me in a positive way (to me, anyway, not to most men). I have extremely high standards and am ultra picky now. I know how I deserve to be treated. If you don't fit, out the door.

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Dear friend,

You have been my "friend" for 3 years now, but you have rarely been a friend to me.

Your life is so shallow and materialistic that it makes me sick. Everything about you is fake- you can't even stand to look at yourself in the mirror without makeup. Do you think if you look perfect all the time, no one will realize how fucked up you are? I'm tired of you only contacting me when you want to brag or a shoulder to cry on. I'm tired of worrying about you and all the stupid decisions you make. I don't understand why you're not growing up- and I resent you for wasting the opportunities you were given.

I won't be there anymore. I can't connect with you and I'm tired of forcing a friendship with someone that has a head full of sawdust and the heart of a mood-ring.

I'm sorry. It's over.
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APC, you scare me so much.

No one knows what innocence means until it's gone- and someday, you are going to look back on everything you've done these past few years and realize what a huge mistake it was.

I feel like you have no self-respect and I don't understand why. You are beautiful and you let people ABUSE YOU. Kidney shots? WHAT THE HELL? You should KNOW BETTER THAN THAT.

I don't understand. You are so, so beautiful and you deserve so much more. You were so innocent and unique and you've become just another painslut.

You had so much and you still do. Why do you do this?

There is a deeper reason for what you do than the things you say. Is it worth disappointing yourself, and your family? The nasty men looking at you, touching you, seeing you as just a piece of flesh to beat?

You were my best friend, my little sister- and I feel like you were so eager to grow up that you lost a lot of the things that make you precious.

Please get help. Please, PLEASE. You make me cry when you tell me the things you do.

I'm scared that you're gone forever. I miss you.
How could you do this to yourself baby?

You scare me. So much.
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I love Jess Tripp and she is staying the weekend of Wicked Faire. We're going together and I can't wait.

Heart-hug! Heart-hug! Yayyyyyy!

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Know what I'm tired of hearing?

"Like OMG guys, I just had the most SUPER night EVAR with *insert guy of the week*.

PS: he was like TOTAL hotness, we have SO much in COMMON, I am just SOOOO HAPPYYYY, someone finally GETS ME because I ARE KOMPLIKATED. *squee squee*."

Aw, I'm sorry, did I just throw up on your shoes?

Writer's Block: Menu fixe fix

If you could choose only two foods to eat for the rest of your life, what would they be and why? How soon would you grow tired of them?

Pizza and pie, because there are so many variations. I had pizza the other day that was crust with salad greens on top of it.

Can I have any variation of pizza and pie? I could probably go for about a month of different kinds of pie and pizza before I got tired. If it's the exact same kind of pizza and pie...probably a day.