March 5th, 2010

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Dear friend,

You have been my "friend" for 3 years now, but you have rarely been a friend to me.

Your life is so shallow and materialistic that it makes me sick. Everything about you is fake- you can't even stand to look at yourself in the mirror without makeup. Do you think if you look perfect all the time, no one will realize how fucked up you are? I'm tired of you only contacting me when you want to brag or a shoulder to cry on. I'm tired of worrying about you and all the stupid decisions you make. I don't understand why you're not growing up- and I resent you for wasting the opportunities you were given.

I won't be there anymore. I can't connect with you and I'm tired of forcing a friendship with someone that has a head full of sawdust and the heart of a mood-ring.

I'm sorry. It's over.
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