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APC, you scare me so much.

No one knows what innocence means until it's gone- and someday, you are going to look back on everything you've done these past few years and realize what a huge mistake it was.

I feel like you have no self-respect and I don't understand why. You are beautiful and you let people ABUSE YOU. Kidney shots? WHAT THE HELL? You should KNOW BETTER THAN THAT.

I don't understand. You are so, so beautiful and you deserve so much more. You were so innocent and unique and you've become just another painslut.

You had so much and you still do. Why do you do this?

There is a deeper reason for what you do than the things you say. Is it worth disappointing yourself, and your family? The nasty men looking at you, touching you, seeing you as just a piece of flesh to beat?

You were my best friend, my little sister- and I feel like you were so eager to grow up that you lost a lot of the things that make you precious.

Please get help. Please, PLEASE. You make me cry when you tell me the things you do.

I'm scared that you're gone forever. I miss you.
How could you do this to yourself baby?

You scare me. So much.

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